KARATE INCLUDED IN TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020 A message from our founder...

Olympic Karate Inc. are very excited at the inclusion of our sport in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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Family Letter

Hello Family, yes I am talking to you Fam, we are a family aren’t we this is what we say and they say we are – the Karate family.

As the say in Tokyo Saikin do people?

Haven’t you heard… surly you must have by now, well you might or might not know the good news - if you haven’t lets get you-to-speed; we are in, we are now definitely an Olympic Sport - Karate is now part of the big bang Karate will be on the big stage, Karate will do their do at ‘The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games’ Tokyo we have you in focus - hear we come!

Well, as you can guess am extremely thrilled to bits to know Karate has finally been accepted as an Olympic Sport and more importantly dates of performance are define as the 24th of July to 9th of August 2020 – isn’t that fab aren’t you excited? Start preparing people.

Come on don’t be so British drop the dull bit, this is our sport Karate may not be as conglomerate as Manchester united FC, Chelsea FC or our cousins in NFL Dallas Cowboys we not there yet – turn to the nearest person touch fist or give a high five – if you are a coach get animated jump and pump fist; it will be all about you too on the day coaches are to-play a pivotal part; if you are an instructor bow and shout Osu that will do you would have already done your part – those excellent kicks, zap punches good Rei can fight, can score, can defend and fearless; well guess how that was emulated.

Firstly, to whom much of our Karate success as an Olympic sport belongs I say:

Domo arigato gozaimashita to Mr Antonia Espinos of World Karate Federation, Mr Sasagawa Takashi of Japan Karate Federation and Mr Tsunekazu Takeda President Japanese Olympic Committee their tireless efforts good cohesion have ensure we have landed neatly – they have made it achievable that Karate will be a participating sport in 2020 Tokyo Games. Had they not made it so we might have been dangling for some announcement for 2024?  (For diversity reasons the Games are awarded to a City and not Country) this is why all Olympic Games are named after great Cities.

Without a doubt I can only imagine the proportion of 2020 Karate Athletes performances to be of an epic kind and with so much innovation work ahead am sure we will succeed in boosting Olympic ratings. Tokyo 2020 Summer Games will be a huge life changing experience; the diversity in the making is already tangible; the cohesion amongst the Karate bigwigs will be awesome but more importantly cohesion will prove to more than just a word. 1964 Summer Games was good but 2020 Tokyo there will never be a better game for Karate as an Olympic sport then getting it done in Japan – Japan first national sport is Sumo although baseball is by far the popular sport yet Karate stand as one of Japan elite cultural sport that transcend honour and there is no honour in hosting a poorly run event especially the Karate events a Japanese art.

Already am booked to do workshops in Japan

Don’t you feel excited?  Your thoughts where are they now - are they jumping hurdles right now like Omer McCleod are you tinkling away through visualised medal ceremonies, are hearing GB national anthem sing out loud in Tokyo? Which Karate athlete do you see standing on the victor podium and are they receiving gold medals or are they silvers’ or maybe it’s only bronze? – or are you exploring the idea that the likes of Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and an Elaine Thompson of the Karate World could be a student in your class or indeed one of the England squad member and training amongst us? I know, I know…you are now thinking Carl-D you’re right-on you are a great visionary and such a confident guy.

Can GB Karate Team be as great as-once-was can the golden years return – where is that tenacity from coach to athlete? Nevertheless,

 It’s the thrill of knowing what was done then and what can be done now that gets me, its here its all around us in the narrow part of Europe and the Caribbean….. I can see sometime soon where the Caribbean will dominate the Worlds in the Individual Kata sections and more so the Kumite section in certain weight category.

I do hope you feel the excitement as much as I do? The tinkle the anticipation that’s in the air - I can almost taste the excitement can’t you? it’s good. In fact, it’s not just the announcement that we are in that I find exhilarating; it’s merely that you guys are still sleeping and haven’t yet grasp the reality of what Mr Mr Antonia Espinos of World Karate Federation, Mr Sasagawa Takashi of Japan Karate Federation and Mr Tsunekazu Takeda President have achieved and significantly where this 2020 Games will be taking place. WAKE UP FAM!!

Let’s share this with you - 2020 Olympic Games…are held where? That’s right Tokyo and where is Tokyo situated? Right again JAPAN …and what is our discipline sport? Right again, Japanese Karate and who are the indigenous folks of this great sport? Right again? Who are the founding fathers of Karate? Absolutely so; and what is the official language of Japan? Right again and from what language are the Rules of the World Karate Federation and World Union Karate Federation expounded and what etiquette do you perform in the Dojo and at championships? Exactly!!

This is what really excites us, and how significant is this that:
•       Mainstream Karate was originally introduce in Tokyo in July the 27th 1922 on the invitation of the Japanese Ministry of Education Gichin Funakoshi gave his very first public demonstration;
•       2020 Summer Olympic Games are held in Tokyo Japan;
•       Karate has been accepted as an Olympic sport for 2020 Tokyo Games;
•       Karate is a Japanese word The very first action word to commence the Karate performance at the 2020 Games will be authentically spoken by a Japanese in the presence of the Minister of Sports & Education;

 “The Pioneering Martial Art Karate is once again returning to the land of its birth ‘Mecca Japan’ where the best Karate athletes will be participating as an Olympian - fittingly so there is no better place to do an original Karate event than Japan and more-so such event be themed at the 2020 TOKYO GAMES” where will you be? Although Tokyo was the host city for three3 world championships stage by the World Karate Federation back in 2008, 1977 and 1970 – there will never be a better time for sponsors historians and PR spin doctors alike.

If truth be told Fam,

It is much more than just the Tokyo Games; on a whole discovering our karate history would be great achievements too. Research discovery is the impetus as to our earth-shattering journey towards 2020 Tokyo. The whole thing invigorates my being – a journey that is life changing awaits us at the Mecca of Karate. Surly you wouldn’t want to-be-missing-out on things; you would want to be there too surly?  Come-on, do you know any Karateka who wouldn’t want to be in Japan during the Karate heats -You do really am doubtful that you could?   Family, it’s like being a Christian and not wishing to know about Jesus; visiting his birth place or indeed Golgotha -how could that be? A Moslem and not wishing do a pilgrimage-that could never be? A Jew and not knowing the Holly Tongue the language of prayer ways of Hashem a pilgrimage to Israel to the Wailing Wall or indeed Japanese and not knowing Shinto and Kami-no-michi are the same - theses things could never be.

Rumours have it to be that the Karate suits sleeves (the tubular bit) will indicate blue or red – I knew Greg, Mick and I had it right from the start.

2020 would be a good time to visit Japan…don’t you think – go-on take a break.

 Any person attending the Karate events in Tokyo 2020 are recorded as making history – be it as the athlete, official or indeed the supporter whichever it will be , it  would be a memorable time – be inspired.

Stay tune to our website www.olympic-karate-inc.co.uk  “Tokyo 2020 Go Getters” coming soon.

It’s a new ball game now that; ‘Karate’ is an Olympic Sport and I add rightfully so.
Technically speaking ‘The World Karate Federation’ have term of office and strictly are the only accountable body to the IOC for ‘Karate governance as an Olympic Sports’ albeit there are other recognised bodies – WKF set prime directives as to governances. I must say in all fairness and from a legal point of view WKF are the proprietary body for Olympic athletes   – what does that mean?

Simply means at present World Karate Federation (aka WKF) have being granted Olympic status by the IOC. The rules and governance laid down by the WKF are the only rules now as an operation policy with the IOC which now applies worldwide as Olympic Karate performances. If you are committed to the Olympic Challenge – there are no other rules that maybe used both in preparation and championship. Furthermore no athlete or official may take part in an Olympic event included licensed events deemed as qualifiers unless first being a member of an approved group or a licensed coach.

That is simple in which I accept

With that said and done a whole new approach must be tailored to facilitate the embracement of the wider karate family enabling a wide support for the 2020 plan. We are ready and good-to-go – starting right here, right now our sport is now amongst the best albeit as a demonstration or not we are an Olympic sport now and that is the ‘starting point’.

But I cannot help by thinking, how will we ever get to Tokyo and in what condition will our officials and athletes arrive in Tokyo? The world stage and our critics await Karate as an Olympic Sport, are we prepared? England is found wanted but will be ready if perp work have began – been a realist as I am we have three3 and a half years to prepare our athletes for what will be the best sports show on the planet; this would entail intense fight pieces training athletes to fight orderly in unfamiliar settings in a country where discipline is everything – some squad members will be shock and withdrawn when face by many that understand Karate to be a discipline art and not have two2 faces like Western Europe which is one1 for dojo and one1 for championships.  Further preparation at least twelve12 internationals yearly six6 away and six6 at home with regular middle to top end competition every two2 weeks against various National Karate Teams. 2019 Japan International friendly four4 one1 day matches and show case. Then lockdown January 2020 six6 month together with Scotland and Wales at GB Team National Karate Centre (have we got one?) I think one could make it happen by publishing fixtures and contract a PR and funding director. Currently as a Karate force England has ‘gone to the dogs’ experiences of home and away challenges that will make them fit for purpose are zilch whereby clubs/association are sporting England athletes tons of them with badges!! (we are at dog level and badges don’t win competition no more trust me) – What are these athletes doing?

In the golden years England Internationals would show up and lay down their markers stating clearly “not around us not above no slip roads only through us…I am the door fight me and beat me” this was done at tough open championships throughout England where England’s four4 toughest clubs would meet “The Combine Force of EKKA, Ishin-Ryu, Uechi-Ryu & Inshallah School of Karate, this was top end breeding ground, where was that you said? (Ipswich you know the score) now the guys are protected and mothered by 21.9. Now in the absence of reasonable challengers it is Sensei-G, Coach-G, Kumite-G and Kata-G (G is aka Google) Google can’t hit back or tell you how poor your Kata is can can it? Well it is the Google-centric world.

Most Internationals athletes, Coaches and Senseis don’t know how to bring on the holodeck experience in absence of real time Tatami fitness. Tatami fitness must include fully charged seasoned officials that knows what a fight is about and precepts of Kata (not some instructor or student who is on work experience gives us all that malarkey)

Family it is vital to be robust intensively train and strengthen our young karate athletes that are talented especially Olympiad medal potential and pay special attention to their development needs. We need to do so in an excellent environment overmatching targeting that which is expected in real time situation - this method will significantly improve England's performances and of course the individual athlete will be-so-improved at their respective nationals and international competitions. We must provide championship that are prestige yet extremely difficult ‘top end’ level playing field for our young athletes and the sooner the better. Revamp schools six forms and university Karate championships and do so throughout the UK if possible bring back London’s Youth Karate Games. Role-up Mr Cuthbert England needs you.

Such methods will be making the best use of top end facilities provided by the Local Authorities as a model program such as services level agreements come-on guys to realise this, the England Coaches need to put on cohesion caps and starting working with clubs and associations knowingly working together to discover talents - young athletes that have remarkable talent and to train top end athletes who can achieve good results at international competitions such as the Worlds Europeans and the Olympic Games of the future. All of which could be under some agreed consistent training system provided by various sports coaches.

I often say to my Coaches “The function of the heart is to pump blood through the body I believe the function of a good coach (in this case the heart) is to motivate and build then drive athletes (in this case the blood) to a point beyond wining”. When your athlete (an England athlete) can truly be made to understand their purpose only is to perform beyond the finals (that’s all) then and then only will the impossibility of losing is truly learned – the learned athlete would have then moved on from where they are at presently  (which is the state of being instinctual).

Fam this where we need to be by June 2018 an overmatching mode.

England athletes contribution to the GB Karate Team need to be pack with the skilled dapper that kind of audacious ambidextrous chancier (Wayne Otto & Paul Alderson) - on the front foot taking the fight to their opponent and on the back foot nicking the points as they come in - just like the much feared predecessors as they were. We (England) had an awesome reputation sadly to say that”’it is gone to the dogs”’.

Well let’s see how far into the dogs jaws are we? England Scotland and Wales lets say what the World Karate federation have published the Country’s and Rank - Dominica Republic is in the Caribbean they are Rank WKF18; England WKF Rank 38; Scotland WKF Rank 49 with Wales not even in the running – leaves us to think there would be no Gold medals for Karate Team GB!! I predict the Caribbean will cream eight8 Gold and eleven11 Bronze.
As they say in Tokyo “Chotto oma chi ku da sai” (if I got that wrong I blame my daughter it is her first language) lets continue we can reclaim our borders:

Through the development of ‘children young people’ evolve their intellectual capacities and drive more human merits into their workouts get music on board. All this would be working in collaboration with the Senseis the parents and  local educational institutions mainly in England Scotland and Wales, by which excellent human resources could be developed that can uphold England's future thus contribute to GB Karate Team performances and development. This vision of mine is being implemented for prospective karate athletes over a period of ten10 years as early up-takers would be from academic year three3 been the third year of junior school to six6 form of secondary school activities across the spectrum will be Kumite Kata Pair Techniques and Teams. The eighteen18 plus+ would be formatted differently.

To keep up with the demand of producing potential gold medallist and not to be over taken by our competitors there is much need to employ fast tracking methods – there is no other way for GB Karate Team to meet requirements.

And when our team performs in Tokyo,

The first win by one of our Karate athlete be it Team GB or Team Caribbean will be reverberated through the many centres and homes in the UK…we will lift the rafters trust us on that. (bearing in mind that Tokyo is eight8 hours ahead of UK) unlike Rio which is four4 hours behind the UK) nevertheless we will make a joyful noise.

I’m confident that we at Olympic Karate Inc and English Shotokan Karate Federation stand ready to support any selection process that is fearer and not disproportionate.  Therefore I’m keen on taking OKI to another dimension in 2017 demonstrating to all our good compliance to the Olympic Charter underpinning mandatory qualifications to that end we (OKI and ESKF) are ready – I’ve never been surer of anything in my life.

What part will you play to ensure the England Karate segment of Team GB is fully loaded – locked and ready to offload at the 2020 Tokyo Games? And who will be Team GB 2020 British Performance Director for Karate?

Well, nevertheless it must be someone that knows the trade. We and our partners will certainly be doing our part and Olympic Karate Inc are to continue streamlining the athlete acquisition fight process and setting benchmark conditions such as enhancing our existing fighting methods (fight first) points second) third defend) fourth win at the end).  The OKI stands ready offering much sought after follow on provider service which are designed to meet the ‘top end demands’ of our respective national governing body Olympic selection process. That will be our part.

But you my Karate family have to do your part too. How?  Continue focusing on what matters - our athlete’s acquisitions the development of new shills and give much support to Olympic Karate youth projects – participation and nurture growth to match and contain our competitors. It’s really that simple. Surprised? Were you expecting something more?

The truth of the matter is taking OKI to a new dimension in 2017 simple means focusing on what we do best – focusing on what has always been our core business model. Because while our tools may change and our service may change, our business model remains the same. OKI is and will always be the athlete acquisition door whereby athlete’s dreams or expressions are achievable.

We will focus on athlete’s acquisition with the understanding that every athlete competes to win and more importantly every athlete going to Tokyo wants that ultimate gold medal hung around their neck; I have discuss this with my Coaches and our Tokyo gold medal hopefuls we’ll continue to build strong confidence in the selection opportunities we are not perturb by 21.9 that is not our calling. Our calling is readiness 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and to have ready for fit for that purpose the best athlete on the planet the gold medal takers thus our recruiting measures and matching category’s worldwide will come naturally – transforming opportunity into success will never be missed. We will continue our run to establish ourselves as lead in ‘Transfers Opportunities’.

Family we need remember sometimes the key to unlocking big changes is simple – all one need to do is provide more of the same and sometimes often enough the same is to change by going back to basic to bring forward better ideas.

It’s been said so many times that if you resist the monotonous you’ll miss the miraculous things! 2020 will be a miraculous year for World Karate Federation – and it can be a miraculous year for us too; seeing your dream fused into reality in Tokyo isn’t that amazing? So stay focus family – don’t lose hope concentrate on your goals put our athlete needs at the top of your things to do list and don’t try to reinvent the wheel plan your athlete Tokyo development miles stone as you would plan a 4 by 100 really team strategically plan knowing your number one1 and two2 knowing your three3 and surety on four4 control the outcomes – and I know I will see you all at the Tokyo Games and your athletes on the podium where all successful stars hold back tears of satisfaction.

Just over the horizon lie Tokyo 2020 Games - our Olympiad gold medal milestones is already predetermine – an incredible accomplishment for any sport coach and certainly the most satisfying end to any athletes dream is knowing the inevitable.

What will the current EKF Squad intensity provide? As an experienced coach I say nothing should training format remain the same - will England Karate Federation contribution to Team GB avail anything? (Bear in mind only one1 athlete per category will be selected). Are any of the England officials been included in the redraft of the Olympic rules especially competition wear? Who will be craft as super star of English Karate an which one our athlete will-be our Karate poster pin-up? Who will the selectors select and what will the benchmark be how will seats on the plane to Tokyo be confirmed?  And what will the cost be to our athlete – how much must one pay? How many gold medals will Karate bag for Team GB?

But, it’s not the gold medal itself that matters – surly it’s much more than that; the number of lives that are changed along the way are also important – its the cohesions, the mental toughness, the sway, the reaping of that all important sowing, the integration along the way, the satisfaction and much community involvement that is to be gain through the Olympic experience; wow what an impact that will be. I look forward to all that Tokyo 2020 Games holds for us as-a-Karate-Force.

As for us the Sensei’s the personal coaches’ the parents and especially each and every one of you that are committed to the Olympic challenge let us unite lets get it done. Let us not be defeated by rumours trust in those that lead.

Congratulation to Mr Antonia Espinos and all at World Karate Federation to what is a great achievement, especially the WKF consulting team. To the British Karate Federation, English Karate Federation the members and our British circle of champions along with the elite class of leaders who have help to shape the future of Competition Karate into what is known today as an Olympic Sport well done.

Ultimately my family,
(I think it is reasonable to say)

As the English Karate Federation (aka EKF) has ‘term of office’ and they are known as the BKF/WKF long-arm representative body for the whole of English Karate and this we truly recognised? Therefore, as EKF is mandated to do and in view of The Tokyo 2020 Games head; with much fairer selection process the EKF ‘need to’ manage domestic Karate organisations and individual Karate-ka membership system more effectively.

My Recommendation with immediate effect: All members of an English Karate faction may temporally join in an EKF official events and activities in England as long as the athlete/coach is a recognised hopeful/seeded in some form or a certification holder recognised by BKF – benchmark as to this recommendation is in need of much attention. This will ensure Worlds and Olympic medal hopeful are in a stacking arrangement of the selection system – thus allowing Team England (?Selection & Funding Committee?) to focus on getting onboard the funding and sponsorships investments which are performance base. (No medal potentials no funding simple as that) if you are not wining at the Europeans and the Worlds to damn are your at the Olympics.

Family that are in safe heavens of WKF through the BKF and regions doors of the EKF and as you say we are not; as Family lead why don’t you take accountability and with intent to resolve theses estranged behaviours call us the estranged family to a meeting of the families and put to end the failings and uncertainties of families of English Karate.

While we wait lets bear in mind the Olympic Creed: "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

Click on the IOC Logo and read what the IOC.

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God Bless you all God Bless our beautiful sport

Ja matta

Carl Taj Prempeh-Dyer V11 8th Dan.

Olympic Karate Inc Chief Instructor

Technical Coach & Performance Director


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